At BJC, we’ve been providing various industries both in New Zealand and internationally with custom wire solutions and high value immersion heating elements since 1946, and thanks to our wealth of experience, no order is too demanding or complex for us. We stock a broad range of off-the-shelf products that are suitable for various applications, but we can also create bespoke components for clients with particular requirements. In addition to our extensive product selection, we also endeavour to be the nation’s best value provider, meaning there’s no better company from which to purchase an immersion heater from than us.

It’s almost impossible to head to work wearing a smile without being able to wake up by having a hot shower in the morning, but even though showers – just like all technologies – have evolved in leaps and bounds over the years, they all experience issues with time and use. Unfortunately, problems often occur when we’re just a few days or a week away from payday, but you can’t afford to neglect a broken shower for very long. Luckily, you might not need to pay for a replacement shower if the problem is a lack of hot water. You may just require a new immersion heater element.

Without heating elements, we wouldn’t have many of the amenities that we rely on daily, such as showers, ovens and even refrigerators, but heating elements can become useless after years of use. However, because you don’t want your immersion heater element to burn out any sooner than necessary, it’s important to purchase one from a supplier that’s earned a reputation for excellence in New Zealand and beyond. Fortunately, the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve already found a supplier on which you can depend for years to come.


Our focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing the most suitable and reliable components for the task at hand, but we understand that our prices need to be fair to remain at the forefront of our industry. Here’s how we keep our fees competitive without compromising on the quality of our products:

  • We manufacture many of our own products: We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, which helps us ensure quality throughout our product range as well as minimise the costs associated with shipping and transportation.
  • We work with reputable overseas partners: We only partner with the world’s most esteemed manufacturers in situations where we can’t manufacture at our facility. Plus, thanks to having this network of trusted providers, we’re able to deliver solutions for any requirement.
  • We value customer satisfaction: We’re not a company that tries to drive up prices to maximise our profits. We’re a manufacturer that aims for 100 percent satisfaction, and that means pricing our products competitively.


The next time you want a high-quality heating element and don’t want to pay a needlessly premium price tag for the privilege of a reliable service, then we’re the company to call. Contact our friendly and highly skilled professionals today for guidance and advice.