For top-quality, custom heating elements in Christchurch, BJC has precisely what you need. Our professional, ISO accredited manufacturing plant makes a wide range of heating elements, as well as heating products and wiring harnesses. We have a large customer base throughout Australia as well as New Zealand and many other parts of the world. Whether you need a single component or 1,000, we have the workforce to manufacture them for you quickly and at the highest quality possible.

With virtually endless uses, custom heating elements are widely used in a wide variety of heat-based applications, including liquid, acid, alkaline, and air environments. These heating elements convert electricity into heat through a process known as resistive heating. An electric current that passes through the heating element encounters a high level of resistance, which then heats that element. Thanks to their wide range of applications, these custom heating elements can be made for a multitude of machinery and are perfect for prototype runs of machines as well as urgent repairs. For example, some heating elements are designed specifically for situations where boil dry could occur, such as air heating and ovens. Others are designed for forced air heating and die heating systems.

All our custom heating elements are made from superior grade materials and we uniformly anneal each part for ease of forming. We use 1/8” Whitworth terminal pins, which enable universal connections. Whether you need these elements for a heating system or an oven, you’ll find what you need from BJC.

For all your custom heating element needs in Christchurch, complete our contact form or call us on 1800 326 116.