Widely known for their utilisation in automobiles and construction machinery, wiring harnesses are components assembled from electrical cables and wires, used to transmit signals or electrical power. These simple yet essential pieces are delicately bound together, usually with straps, conduit, or cable ties. Your basic wiring harnesses have many advantages over loose cables and wires, as they can be better secured in active, heavy machinery, resulting in fewer issues resulting from vibrations and moisture. Primarily, you should use wiring harnesses in any automobile or heavy machinery that runs at high speeds, as their components vibrate internally.

At BJC, we manufacture complex; high-quality wiring harnesses for engineering and machinery purposes. Since 1946, we’ve operated in Perth, providing contract manufacturing of wiring harnesses for Christchurch and the rest of Australia. Whether you’re a large industrial company or an individual engineer, our manufacturing plant is available to produce these wiring harnesses at reasonable prices. Whether you need one or 10,000 harnesses, we have the staff to create them quickly and professionally.

Through our robust internal engineering processes, we’re able to create wiring harnesses to your exact specifications, whether you need them for automotive, industrial, or even sound engineering purposes. Don’t rely on loose wiring systems and masses of cables that can tangle, break, or short because of vibrations and internal moisture. When you need wiring harnesses in Christchurch, let our manufacturing team at BJC create them for you.

To discuss your custom harness needs, call us on 1800 327 116 or complete our contact form.