When you’re looking for a one stop shop answer to Cable Harness Design in Sydney contact us today.When designing cable harnesses, several important factors come into play. Working on Cable Harness Design in Australia or New Zealand, engineers must pay attention to elements such as routing, providing appropriate protection for the wiring during routing, and making sure the wires are long enough for any bends or turns that may be required. Also, pay attention to the environment in which the cable harness will work. When you need to work with a company with over seven decades in Cable Harness Design in Sydney you want to work with BJC. We can help you develop, design, and manufacture new product you need in quantities from 1 to 10,000. We are ISO accredited and care deeply about providing you with the best customer service available.


Engineers can make mistakes when designing cable or wire harnesses. Since wire harnesses are being called to perform more and more complicated tasks, it’s important to think about that design and how those cable harnesses will be used. That’s why it’s important to work with a company like BJC. We offer experience and know-how, and our talented staff of professionals are ready to work with you and your company in every step of the process needed to develop quality cable harnesses. We produce our own wire and harness looms in-house. It is our goal to reduce the cost of material and labour for customers enabling them to compete more effectively in the market.