As your cable assembly supplier in Dunedin, BJC aims to offer the low prices of offshore manufacturing along with the support and quality assurance of local manufacturing. We don’t think that our clients should have to choose between affordable prices and quality products. Wire organisation and protection are essential aspects that can significantly impact product quality, worksite or building safety and more. Thus, we provide low-cost manufacturing solutions without forcing anyone to settle for low quality.


If you have been looking for someone to design your cable assembly or custom cable harness in Dunedin, look no further than BJC. Here are a few of the reasons you can rely on us to exceed your expectations:

  • Technology: Our wiring and cabling solutions use smart manufacturing strategies and state of the art wire processing tech. Together; these two factors give you the best of both worlds: extremely reliable performance at a lower price point than you might pay somewhere else. By giving our clients more for their money, we help them find a competitive edge—no matter the industry.
  • Versatility: If you choose BJC as your cable assembly supplier in Dunedin, you have the assurance that we don’t just specialise in wiring and cabling solutions for one industry. On the contrary, enterprises involved in the automotive, telecommunications, whiteware and general sectors implement our solutions.
  • Reach: BJC doesn’t just do cable assembly design in Dunedin. Our reach goes far beyond New Zealand, reaching to Australia and crossing oceans to the United States, Mexico, Italy, and Singapore—to name a few. This global presence proves the quality and reliability of the products we offer.
  • Experience: As a company, BJC has been around for more than 70 years, since our start in 1946. Our division that does cable assembly and wire harness products is much newer, having opened its doors in 2013. However, we were so committed to offering a proven, experienced service that we staffed the division with wiring veterans—some of whom brought more than 40 years of experience to the table. When you hire us for a custom cable harness in Dunedin, you bring all that experience to bear for you and your business.
  • Customisation: At BJC, we know that every company has its own unique needs when it comes to assemblies and harnesses. We are happy to work with you to devise a solution befitting your electrical needs, the conditions at your site, your budget and more.


Don’t settle for cheaply priced offshore manufacturing that skimps on quality or product support. Instead, count on BJC to provide the custom wire or cable assembly design your Dunedin business deserves. We can provide reasonably priced solutions that go above and beyond regarding quality. To request a price quote for your cable assembly design, fill out our contact form today.