The terms ‘cable assembly’ and ‘wire harness’ are often used interchangeably. However, these two products—while somewhat similar—are distinct from one another. At BJC, we are proud to be both a cable harness and cable assembly supplier in Christchurch. If you need one or both products, we can help you find what you require. However, to make your shopping and enquiry processes more comfortable, we thought it might be good to clarify the similarities and differences between these two product types.


In most electrical applications, the term ‘assembly’ is used to refer to cables while the term ‘harness’ is used to refer to wires. With that said, you will still see a wire harness being referred to as a cable harness. Usually, these two terms are interchangeable—unlike cable assembly and wire harness. The product is technically a wire harness because wires and cables are technically different things. However, if you search online for ‘cable harness manufacturer in Christchurch,’ you will find wire harness manufacturers. Google recognises these terms as meaning the same thing.

A wire is a thread or strand of metal that is used to conduct electricity. The metal may vary from one wire to the next—it may be copper, aluminium or something else—but the function remains the same. A cable, meanwhile, is a rope of multiple wires, bonded or braided together and running side by side.

If you are looking for wire or cable harness design in Christchurch, you are looking for a sheath of sorts that can cover and protect your wires or cables. This sheath is not meant to cover up exposed wires. Instead, it wraps wires or cables that already have protective coverings. What the wire harness does is organise the wires. You can bundle multiple wires or cables together in the same sheath or harness, which in turn helps you keep track of different wires and their purposes. When you are running multiple wires and cables side by side, a harness helps you keep everything in order.

If you are looking for a cable assembly supplier in Christchurch, though, you are probably shopping for something more durable. A cable assembly is essentially a heavier duty version of a wire harness. It helps you keep wires and cables organised, but it also uses more durable materials to do so. Traditionally, wire harnesses don’t offer much protection against hazards such as heat, moisture, or friction. Cable assemblers provide these protective properties, making them the go-to solution for running wire or cable in more extreme environments.


Whether you need a cable assembly supplier or a wire/cable harness manufacturer in Christchurch, BJC can help. With more than 70 years of experience in this industry, we can assist you in crafting the custom wiring or cabling solution for your environment. Call us on +64 4 567 4179 to learn more.