Drum heaters in Auckland are today’s containers of choice when it comes to holding liquid, semi-liquid, and solid products. Electric drum heaters are designed to safely and efficiently heat these products, helping to reduce the viscosity of liquids for pumping or bottling. Drum heaters are also used to prevent liquids from freezing inside their storage drums. You’re likely to use drum heaters for tar, varnish, resin, and grease, as well as many other liquids or semi-liquids. You’ll find these heaters in a wide range of sizes, from 20 to 220 litres, with 200 litres being the most widely used.

At BJC, our manufacturing plant based in Perth, we manufacture a range of different drum heaters that are suitable for many commercial and industrial applications. Thanks to our decades of service in the electrical manufacturing industry, we can create and customise drum heaters for your specific application needs. Whether you’re looking to prevent liquids from freezing or need to reduce viscosity, we can design and build your ideal drum heater. If you’re looking for custom drum heaters in the Auckland area, look no further.

Since 1946, BJC has operated out of Perth, providing custom, high-quality manufacturing of heating elements, drum heaters, and wiring harnesses for a wide variety of uses. Whether you need drum heaters for industrial or commercial purposes, we’ll consult with you and build what you require for success. We’ve manufactured one to 10,000-piece orders, ensuring top-quality and quick service no matter how large the quantity.

When you’re in need of drum heaters in Auckland, contact BJC for assistance.