Since 1946, BJC has designed and manufactured custom drum heaters for Christchurch and other Australian customers, as well as customers throughout New Zealand and other parts of the world. Whether you need custom parts for industrial or commercial use, we can design and manufacture them locally and professionally. We have decades of experience making heating components, elements, and wiring harnesses for a wide range of applications.

You won’t find an easier way to heat or control the temperature of viscous liquids than industrial drum heaters. If you or your business deals with viscous liquids that require storage in drums and temperature control, you need high-quality drum heaters that can regulate temperature and reduce viscosity when necessary. For heating purposes, there’s nothing better than fully controllable drum heaters. Using drum heaters allows you to control temperature based on the liquid or semi-liquid you’re storing. Whether you’re dealing with tar, resin, or even chocolate, proper storage and temperature control is vital, especially before bottling or usage.

When you’re looking for drum heaters in the Christchurch area, BJC is the ideal manufacturer to work approach. Our company has been in the business of drum heater and heating element manufacturing since 1946, providing customers throughout Australia and New Zealand with high-quality, custom products to meet their industrial and commercial needs. Our drum heaters are the safest and most efficient way to heat your liquid contents in large-gallon (litre) drums. We design drum heaters for a range of sizes, from 20 to 220 litres. They’re safe and suitable for a broad range of industrial and commercial heating applications.

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